At Tango Medical we take pride in being able to deliver solutions to our clients no matter how complex the problem. We know that in addition to having the right staff in place to do the work, having the right tools, equipment, and materials is also vitally important to delivering a high quality product.

This is especially important for me when creating custom orthotics. I need to use the right blend of rigid foams, plastics, carbon fibers, that offer great support, as well as soft rubberized foams that offer comfort around those sensitive areas. Given that we create a fully custom product in-house (not sending to a third party custom orthotics manufacturer), I have full flexibility in the materials I can choose and how I get to apply them. Ultimately I can choose from a wide variety of foams and place them just where these are needed to achieve the desired outcome. This allows me to adapt to each situation and respond adequately to what the client needs. It is not uncommon to have clients with specific medical conditions that requires me to modify input materials that get used, and if I don’t feel the materials we have on hand will work, I can go out and get what is needed. This is especially useful when creating accommodative orthotics or footwear modifications, where I am removing pressure from sensitive areas and having access to a wide variety of less rigid materials leads to increased success.

The other major benefit of creating our orthotics in-house, is that we have the ability to make all of the needed modifications to our products right on-site. This means that our clients will spend less time waiting if changes are required, and we can also employ an iterative process where we make minor changes and are able to have our clients provide immediate feedback, often without needing to schedule a follow-up appointment. We are confident in our custom approach and have seen great success with clients having a wide range of conditions. Book your appointment to discuss how I might be able to help you feel better when on your feet.

Alan Busse, Canadian Certified Pedorthist