Power Wheelchairs

We have a wide variety of power wheelchairs to choose from. Some of the options to consider when purchasing a power wheelchair include:

Front-wheel, mid-wheel or rear wheel drive

Each of these power chair configurations have advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered.

Rear wheel drive power chairs are considered the most stable at high speeds, but are less stable going up steep hills, and require the largest turn radius.

Front-wheel drive power chairs are considered the most stable for climbing hills, but are less stable at high speeds.

Mid-wheel drive power chairs are often preferred for indoor use, as they are the most maneuverable.

Power tilt

This option is common for users who are less able to shift positions in the chair and relieve pressure when sitting. This function allows the user to tilt the seat backward, shifting weight to the backrest and away from common pressure areas.

Elevating power chairs

Power chairs are now more commonly being equipped with the ability to either move the user into a standing position or raise the seat to a high elevation.

Standing chairs have the benefit of allowing the user to weight bare, shift positions, and also reach higher places.

Elevating chairs do not change the users positions, but do allow the user to increase visibility, see eye to eye with others, and increase reach to higher areas.

Footplate and arm rest options

Power chairs come with a wide variety of options for swing away footplates and arm rests. Users need to consider how they transfer to other surfaces, and the types of places they will use the chair (e.g. under tables) when considering foot plate and arm rest options.

Some of our most common brands power wheelchairs are provided below :