Lift chairs or power recliners are a very popular option for those who have a hard time getting in and out of a lounger. Due to this popularity, the cost of these chairs has reduced significantly, with prices being very similar to good quality recliners available at retail furniture stores. Even if you do not currently require a lift chair, as your age advances you might want consider a power recliner with the lift option so that you are prepared in the event you find yourself with reduced mobility.

Here are 5 things you should consider when purchasing a lift chair to make sure you get what you need.

  1.  Positions: There are a wide variety of positions, and not all lift chairs can achieve every one of them. Click here for a link to a position guide from Pride. When buying a lift chair, make sure to review the positions each chair can achieve so that you aren’t caught by surprise when that lift chair you got for a great price will not recline fully.
  2.  Fit: One of the great things about lift chairs, is that they come in a wide variety of sizes. Having a chair that fits will ensure that you can stay comfortable longer, and avoid things like hanging feet or slouching to one side. Make sure to consider seat to floor height, seat depth, and seat width. This is especially important to anyone at risk of skin breakdown.
  3. Weight capacity: Each lift chair comes with an approved weight capacity. Staying within these weight limits is important as it helps to make sure the chair will last, and you maintain your warranty.
  4.  Additional Options: Lift chairs now come available with many extra options. These incliude things like heat, massage, FirstUp (chair goes from seated to stand in less time), power foot extension, and battery backup. Of course these extras cost money, so be sure to consider your budget when choosing these options.
  5.  Style and Fabric: With the popularity of power recliners comes a lot more choice on the styles and fabrics available. This allows you to achieve the look you want, and match your existing furniture/room interiors. There are also functional considerations when it comes to fabric, as some fabrics include a moisture barrier that is important for some users.

If you consider these 5 things, hopefully you will be able to get a lift chair that works well and suits your needs!