Welcome to our recently updated Tango webpage. We are very excited to have you visit us and find information about our three locations, the services and products we offer, and great staff available to help you. We hope this website will be a source of information for our clients and partners, where they can come to learn about various aspects of our business. With this goal in mind I wanted to personally take the opportunity to share some of the background behind what led to us rebranding as Tango Medical and what you can expect when choosing Tango as your home medical and rehab equipment provider.

At Tango you can expect to receive the same great service and deal with the same staff as before when dealing with Medichair/Apollo Medical. So, what has changed? When I took over ownership of the three locations in New Brunswick, I wanted to have a fresh start where we could consult with our staff to establish a company philosophy everyone could get behind. It is really important to me that our staff understands why we do what we do, and not lose sight of that as we strive to deliver great service to our customers. When exploring this it became very clear that the common “why” for our staff, me included, was that we all have a desire to help people. Based on this common objective, together we established that we want to be a place where people can come for advice and not feel pressure to buy equipment.

Helping people at Tango can mean many things, but generally it is to help clients find solutions to the different challenges they have, and guide them to the right piece of home rehab equipment. To do this, we are trying to reinvent how we operate. Historically our client contacts were known as “sales reps” which implies a focus on selling product to generate revenue. Yes we need to sell products to make a living, but here at Tango, instead of sales being the focus, we are striving to be trusted consultants acting on behalf of our clients over the long term. We want to be experts in our fields, and be honest about the best solutions available, even if that means telling someone that they do not need a new piece of equipment or a cheaper solution might work best.

We want to take the guess work out of all of our services and make everyone who comes through the door feel confident that they are getting the service and equipment for the right price. It is my hope that if we treat people right, and deliver a great service, the rest will fall into place and there doesn’t need to be a focus on sales numbers, leaving our consultants (not sales reps) to focus on service.

Working with clients, medical professionals, funding agencies and insurance companies, can often be complicated. In fact, it is this relationship that inspired the new company name, Tango. Tango is a dance, and with a dance you have a partner. Our dance partners are our clients, as well as the therapists, and funding agencies we work with. As with any dance, sometimes things go well and it can be beautiful, but sometimes that is not the case. You need to have open communication, be flexible, recognize when things aren’t going so well, and make the necessary changes to get to the desired outcome. We understand that the quality of our work can have an impact on your life, and that the best way to get the best solution to your problems is by being a good partner all along the way. I know we won’t always get things completely right, but it is my hope that when things do go wrong our team at Tango will work through the problems and see things through to the end.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our new website and find out a bit more about Tango Medical. I hope you follow-us on social media and stop by our website again periodically as I plan to share news about what we are doing and anything else we feel our clients and partners might be interested in. I am excited to be leading a great group of staff, and look forward to continuing rewarding work with our clients throughout New Brunswick.

Shawn Leger
President and CEO
Tango Medical